My love of Italy began back in 2006 when I stepped foot into the timeless city of Venice on a whim. I was travelling around Europe. The next stop on the map destined to be somewhere in Italy. With my youthful naivety, I suggested Venice; I knew it was supposed to be somewhere special, somewhere visited by many artists and geographically it made sense. What I did not know, was that it would have such a lasting impact on me. One unlike anything I had, or have again felt until this day; some kind of affinity, a belonging.

Since that day, I have returned to Venice countless times and have travelled much of Italy. Every time is a new experience but it has never lost its ability to captivate me. For almost 11 years, it has been my biggest source of inspiration as an artist; each piece trying to capture just some of the je ne sais quoi that I experience every time I return.

I hope that I am able to share a little bit of that Italian charm with you through my Italy Affinity blog.